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Classes & appointments

Classes and appointments may be scheduled in Honnold/Mudd or on campus. For more information, contact Rebecca Halpern.

About the Claremont Colleges Library

Mission Statement for the Claremont Colleges Library

We partner with faculty, students, and staff to provide a vital physical and digital center for research, teaching, learning, and other forms of intellectual engagement at The Claremont Colleges. To fulfill our purpose we:

  • Collaborate with the colleges to advance their educational missions
  • Understand and meet the information needs of faculty, students, and staff
  • Provide our users with seamless and enduring access to the world of knowledge
  • Foster new research at the colleges and make it freely available and easily discoverable to the global community through open access
  • Empower our users to navigate the complexities of the scholarly information landscape to maximize their success
  • Sponsor creative and exciting publications, exhibitions, programs, and events that are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, captivate audiences, and lead to new scholarly collaborations
  • Support our innovative librarians and staff to improve advocacy for user needs by continually developing their knowledge, skills, and expertise

Core Values of the Claremont Colleges Library

Our Core Values explain why we take such pride in our work. They are the source of our passion, energy, professionalism, and productivity. These commonly shared values guide everything we do.

User-centeredness: The library user is at the heart of everything we do. We collaborate with faculty, students, staff, and other researchers and learners to understand and meet their information needs

Inclusivity: We advocate for, support, and further intellectual freedom while respecting and celebrating differences of identity, experience, and perspective

Innovation: We are a visionary, learning organization. We explore advances that enhance the user experience and engage in creative solutions to maximize our collective resources

Collaboration: We are partners with The Claremont Colleges in their educational missions and strive to advance excellence in research, teaching, and learning

Education: We are committed to developing independent and critical thinking throughout The Claremont Colleges by encouraging and promoting sophisticated information and digital literacy skills

Community: We are a vital center for intellectual engagement at the heart of The Claremont Colleges

Discovery: We encourage intellectual curiosity and enable discovery by providing guidance and access to the universe of information resources

Stewardship: We carefully manage our resources and services to provide The Claremont Colleges with enduring access to the world of knowledge

Statement of Commitment to Privacy

The Claremont Colleges Library (“The Library”) is committed to protecting the privacy of all library users. Read the full statement here.

Libraries & locations

Honnold/Mudd Library, located at 800 Dartmouth Avenue, across the street from Huntley Bookstore, holds collections in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. The Library Café and Connection, which houses the Copy Center and the Claremont Card Center, are found in Honnold/Mudd Library. The CUC Records Center houses most of the paper journals and a small percentage of books from the library collections. Claremont Colleges faculty, students, and staff may request materials for delivery in print or electronic format.

Strategic Initiatives for the Claremont Colleges Library

Seven strategic initiatives are designed to transform the current organization into our Next Generation Library.

Research Agenda of the Claremont Colleges Library

We have crafted a research agenda for our Next Generation Library that is designed to explore, analyze, and evaluate the value proposition that the library presents to the colleges. The agenda draws upon principles outlined in the 2010 ACRL Value of Academic Libraries report. We will pursue this research agenda throughout the term of our Strategic initiatives, 2016-2020. The agenda will guide our research activities and provide important data to inform our measures of success. It will focus on the library’s contributions in the following key areas:

Priority Area 1: Student Recruitment and Retention
Priority Area 2: Student Excellence and Success
Priority Area 3: Faculty Recruitment and Retention
Priority Area 4: Faculty Teaching and Research
Priority Area 5: Distinction of the Colleges and the Consortium

Learning, teaching, & research

Library research instruction and workshops for classes and other groups, as well as individual appointments for instruction and research assistance, may be scheduled in the library or on campus. Most library research classes and workshops are held in the Keck Learning Room, Honnold/Mudd's smart, hands-on teaching facility. All library facilities are open to students, faculty, and staff of all The Claremont Colleges.


The library's general collections in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences include nearly 2 million volumes. The library also has extensive holdings of journals, magazines and newspapers, providing access to articles in over 70,000 periodicals. Honnold/Mudd Library is a depository for publications issued by the United States government, and has extensive holdings of publications from the State of California, Great Britain, the United Nations, and other international agencies. The Asian Library Collection at Honnold/Mudd has a large collection of Asian language materials. The library also holds extensive special collections. You can get a copy of A Guide to Special Collections in the Special Collections Reading Room at Honnold/Mudd Library. Use Library Search, to search for library materials.

For more information on our plans for a dynamic collection, please read about the Active Print Program

Electronic resources

The library's large collection of electronic resources provides ready access to a wide variety of bibliographic, full-text and multimedia information. From the library web site, it is possible to search Library Search, or any of hundreds of databases including services such as Lexis-Nexis Academic and ISI Web of Science. Other resources include electronic books and journals, such as the ACM Digital Library and Congressional Quarterly Library. The Claremont Colleges Digital Library (CCDL) provides access to a growing number of digital collections from The Colleges as well as from library Special Collections. Digital collections such as Early English Books Online and North American Women's Letters & Diaries make available thousands of additional primary source materials. Most electronic resources are accessible to students, faculty and staff of The Claremont Colleges in their dorms, labs, offices and homes, as well as in the library.

Interlibrary loan

The library offers Interlibrary Loan service and maintains partnerships which provide access to books, articles, and other materials not held in our collections. These partnerships include the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago.

Affiliated libraries

Students, faculty, and staff also have access to nearby affiliated libraries: Denison Library, located on the Scripps College campus; the botanical and horticultural library of the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden; and the library at the Claremont School of Theology.

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