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Finding what you want

Please consult Directory Maps, placed throughout Honnold/Mudd Library, for exact locations of call numbers and rooms. For further help locating items, consult the Services Desk on the second floor near the main entrance, or ask us.

Honnold/Mudd Library Directory


Room/Location Name Room Number Library Wing Floor
Administration H200 Honnold 2nd floor
Asian Studies H350 Honnold 3rd floor
Book Return (main) Mudd 2nd floor
Book Return Mudd 1st Floor, Main Entrance
Braxton Collection Mudd 2nd Floor
Cafe Honnold 1st Floor
Copy Center / Card Center Honnold 1st Floor
Founders Room H210 Honnold 2nd Floor
GIS Mudd 3rd Floor
Honnold Conference Room H207 Honnold 2nd Floor
Irvine Room C405 Bridge 4th Floor
Keck Learning Room M222 Mudd 2nd Floor
Keck 2 Instructional Room M322 Mudd 3rd Floor
Mudd Conference Room M321 Mudd 3rd Floor
New Books Honnold 2nd Floor
Newspapers (Browsing) Honnold 1st Floor
Newspapers (Microfilm) Mudd 1st Floor
Satellite Uplink Studio H209 Honnold 2nd floor
Seminar Room H200 Honnold 2nd floor
Sorting Area (Books) M101 Mudd 1st Floor
Special Collections H208 Honnold 2nd Floor

Call Numbers

Call Number Begins With Subject Library Wing Floor
A General Works Honnold 3rd floor
B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion Honnold 3rd floor
C History (Auxiliary) Honnold 3rd floor
D - DS 326 History (Except the Americas) Honnold 3rd floor
DS 327 - DU History (Except the Americas) Mudd 3rd floor, south
E History (U.S., General) Honnold 4th floor
F History (Local U.S., the Americas) Honnold 4th floor
G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation Honnold 4th floor
H - HJ Social Sciences Honnold 4th floor
HM - HX Social Sciences Mudd 1st floor
J Political Science Mudd 1st floor, south
K Law Mudd 1st floor, north
L Education Mudd 1st floor
M Music Mudd 3rd floor, north
N Art Mudd 1st floor, northeast
N (Folios) Art Mudd 1st floor
P - PL 4757 Literature Multi-tier Level 1
PL 4758 - PQ 2253 Literature Multi-tier Level 2
PQ 2254 - 7999 Literature Multi-tier Level 4
PQ 8000 - PR 5299 Literature Multi-tier Level 5
PR 5300 - PS 3511 Literature Multi-tier Level 6
PS 3511 - PZ Literature Multi-tier Level 7
Q Science Honnold 1st floor
R Medicine Honnold 1st floor
S Agriculture Honnold 1st floor
T Technology, Engineering, Photography Honnold 1st floor
U Military Science Honnold 1st floor
V Naval Science Honnold 1st floor
X Dissertations and Archives Honnold Special Collections
Z Bibliography and Library Science Honnold 1st floor
Reference A - V Mudd 2nd floor, north
Reference Z Honnold 1st floor

Last updated: 9/25/2017 8:54:59 AM