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Director's Column

Our WASC Review--the results are in!

On October 13-15, 2003, many of you participated in meetings with the Team of distinguished librarians named to carry out the WASC Review of the Libraries. Your involvement ensured that the Visiting Team gained a greater understanding of the challenges the Libraries face and of the complexities inherent in our operations. Thank you for your time and for your candid comments to the Team!

In late December, Claremont University Consortium received the Final Report of the Team. At the root of many of the Team’s recommendations and suggestions is the need for integration of the Libraries into the academic programs and life of the colleges. This integration involves engagement, governance, communication, leadership, and assessment issues that will be broadly discussed at the highest administrative levels within The Colleges. In addition, Library Council, comprised of faculty from each of The Claremont Colleges, will review the Report and work with the Libraries to further the excellent work of the Team and the Self Study Steering Committee.

Among the most urgent issues in the Report of the Visiting Team is the creation of a Claremont Colleges Digital Library (CCDL). Reporting that “The Claremont Colleges lag behind their peer institutions in this effort,” the Team continues, “but with the start made, additional funding, and a commitment on the part of all of The Colleges, they can catch up if they continue their hard work.” As noted, important work on a digital library has already taken place. It includes “Developing The Claremont Colleges Digital Library: Challenges for the CCDL,” (http://libraries.claremont.edu/selfstudy/diglib6.html) written as a reflective essay for the WASC Self Study. Subsequent to this work, a Task Force, comprised of staff from across the colleges and chaired by Kenneth Pflueger, Chief Information Officer for Pomona College, has prepared a detailed report outlining steps that need to be taken toward establishing a Claremont Colleges Digital Library. We expect that the working group recommended by the Task Force will soon be established to continue this work.

During this semester, you will be hearing more about the Report of the Team and about progress toward establishing a Claremont Colleges Digital Library. As always, we look forward to your involvement in and support of initiatives designed to enhance Libraries services and resources provided for teaching and research.

Bonnie Clemens
Director of Libraries

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