About Government Publications

Government information is a publication or any information resource created, issued, published or financed by a government agency. Such agencies can be at international, national, state, regional, county, or local levels.

Government information is also considered to be a primary source. Primary sources are defined as the raw, unanalyzed material that is the starting point and basis of all good research. A primary source can be anything that offers a first-hand account, such as letters, maps, photographs, paintings, a poem, the manuscript of a novel, a newspaper advertisement, a diary, census data, statistics or a report. A primary source is an original, a one-of-a-kind, or the first of its kind.

Many times, facts or information being sought are located in specific resources such as particular government agency publications or electronic database files. Government Information is a changing medium. The traditional forms of paper publications have been migrating for over 20 years to formats which are increasingly digitized and web-based. Many government agencies that collect and disseminate information maintain websites.

Information provided here will serve as a guide to resources, both Web based, and in other formats for historical information.