Judicial Branch

Constitution of the United States
Includes text of the Constitution and Amendments, analysis and interpretation, and editions and supplements from 1992 - present. Prepared by the Congressional Research Service in the Library of Congress.

Department of Justice
Includes Reports of the Attorney General, and links to legal reports and publications covering topics such as ADA for Small Businesses to Your Rights Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

Directory, Administrative Office of the United States Courts
Provides links to all the Federal courts: Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Courts, and Bankruptcy Courts.

History of the Federal Judiciary
Includes biographies of Supreme, Circuit, and District Court judges since 1789.

Supreme Court of the United States (official web site)
Includes opinions and oral arguments since 2000.

Supreme Court Decisions 1937 - 1975
Full text and searchable.

U.S. Court of Claims
Money claims made against the Federal government, including tax refund claims.

U.S. Court of International Trade
International trade claims since 1999.

U.S. Tax Court
Provides a judicial forum for tax disputes. Judgments since 1995.