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Congressional Directory and District Maps 1995 (104th Congress) - present

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Congressional Information
Includes information on Congress from official and non-official sources

108th Congress Demographic Profiles

Congressional Directories

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774 - present

Congressional Directory 1994 - present
This is the official directory of the U.S. Congress. Provides short biographies and additional data such as committee memberships and terms of service.

Party Divisions and Control 1789+


Library of Congress, Thomas
Provides full text of Congressional bills 1989 - present, text of all bill versions, legislative status, links to reports and debates, and the Congressional Record.

Congressional Bills 1993 - present
The current Congress database is updated by 6 a.m. (EST) daily when bills are published and approved for release. Files are available as ASCII text and PDF.

History of Bills 1983 - present
Lists legislative actions on bills that are reported in the Congressional Record.

Bills and Resolutions
Library of Congress - American Memory: A description of the process is provided, as well as a searchable database of House bills and resolutions from the 6th - 42nd Congress, Senate bills and resolutions from the 16th - 42nd Congress, and Senate joint resolutions from the 18th - 42nd Congress.

Statutes at Large
The official source of the laws passed by the U.S. Congress, of which 18 volumes are provided for the first 42 Congresses, 1789 - 1875.

The American State Papers
The first set of congressional papers produced from 1789-1838 in 38 volumes.

The U.S. Congressional Serial Set
Partially digitized House and Senate Documents and Reports from the 23rd Congress - 1833-1835 through the 65th Congress - 1915-1917.

Resources in the Library

  • American State Papers and Serial Set - CIS Fiche - 1st Floor Mudd
  • American State Papers and Serial Set - Digital - Lexis Nexis Congressional (Students, Faculty, and Staff of the Claremont Colleges Only)
  • Serial Set - Paper - 1st Floor Mudd
  • U.S. Statutes at Large - Paper - 1st Floor Mudd Hon Gov U.S. Law
  • U.S. Statutes at Large - Digital - HeinOnline (Students, Faculty, and Staff of the Claremont Colleges Only)
  • Floor Debates

    U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates 1774 - 1875

    Congressional Record Index 1983 - present

    Congressional Record full text 1994 - present
    Also see Thomas

    Roll Call Votes

    House of Representatives Roll Call votes 1990 - present
    Includes brief description of bill numbers, votes of individual members, and yeas and nays by party.

    Senate Roll Call votes 1989 - present

    Committee Publications

    Congressional Hearings 1995 - present
    A hearing is a meeting of a Senate, House, Joint, or Special Committee for Congress usually open to the public. Their function is to obtain information on proposed legislation or to conduct an investigation into the activities of a government department, among other functions. Includes only hearings released to the Government Printing Office from the Committees.

    Committee Reports 1996 - present
    From Thomas, Library of Congress.

    Floor Calendars House and Senate 1995 - present

    Support Agencies

    Congressional Budget Office
    Projects trends in federal income and expenditures, and revenue issues for proposed legislation

    General Accounting Office (GAO)
    Includes lists of Reports and Testimonies, 1995 - present

    GAO Bluebook Reports
    Includes full text of Reports to Congress on government management, 1994 - present

    Government Printing Office
    Index to Federal publications 1994 - present

    Library of Congress
    Serves as the research arm of Congress.