International Organizations

  • Inter-governmental Organizations - IGOs
  • IGOs are organizations with at least 3 states as members bound together by a formal agreement. They exhibit a commonality of interests and issues; collect information, monitor trends, deliver services and aid, settle disputes; form stable habits of cooperation; and constrain membersí policies and practices

  • Non-governmental Organizations - NGOs
  • NGOs are private voluntary organizations whose members are individuals or associations who come together for a common purpose. The are usually single-issue and and Not-for-Profit. National-level groups are sometimes linked to international networks, while International NGOs (INGOs) may or may not have country chapters. NGOs fill in the gaps where international organizations and governments work with difficulty. For a detailed explanation see Dr. Peter Willet's "What is a Non-Governmental Organization?".

    Library Resource

    The Yearbook of International Organizations
    Available only to students, faculty, and staff of the Claremont Colleges.
    Print edition: JX 1904 AN 78 (scattered editions from 1949-2001)