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Why cite sources?

When you present your research, whether in a paper, on a web page, or in some other format, the bibliography of sources you have consulted documents and gives credit for any quotations or ideas you have used from other people's work. When you document sources appropriately, others interested in your research are able to follow your research path and retrieve the information you used.

Citing electronic sources

The citation format for electronic documents, such as web pages or articles from electronic journals, may require that you include the date on which you accessed the material, and the URL of the document, so be sure to record those as you are doing your research.

Cite Your Sources

There are many different "styles" you may choose from when citing sources. Your professor will probably tell you which "style" is preferred for your class. MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago, and APA (American Psychological Association) are the three which are used most often by students at The Claremont Colleges.

The Purdue Owl provides guides for

The complete manual for Chicago style is also available to Claremont Colleges students, faculty and staff.

If you need to cite legal documents or government publications, or just understand the citations you find, these guides will help.

Recent editions of style manuals, which include more detailed information and examples, are available at the Services Desk in Honnold/Mudd Library.

If you need help on your research project, talk to your professor, stop by the Services Desk at the Library, make an appointment to talk with a Reference Librarian, or talk with someone in the Writing Resource Center on your campus.

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