Find a Specific Article

When you only know the author and title

To find the article, you also need to know the title, volume, and publication date of the journal in which that article was published.

  1. Begin by deciding what subject (or subjects) the article discusses.
  2. In the list of Databases by Subject look for those subjects and select an appropriate database from whatever subject you choose.
  3. In the selected database, search for the article title in the TITLE field and the author's last name in the AUTHOR field.

Example: for the article, "Iraq and Democracy: The Lessons Learned," by Larry Diamond:

  1. Begin by identifying subjects of this article, such as politics and international issues.
  2. In the list of Databases by Subject you will find both International Relations and Political Science. In each of these database lists, the first database is PAIS, so you could search that.
  3. In PAIS, search for Iraq and Democracy: The Lessons Learned as TITLE and Diamond as AUTHOR.
  4. That search will find the one record for your article, and you will see that it was published in Current History, vol. 105, no. 687, pp. 34-39, January 2006.

When you know author, title, and journal name

The Citation Finder form allows you to look for a specific article in the Library’s collections. What information do you need to use the form?

  • The title of the journal or its ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
  • As much additional information about the article citation as possible: author, title, year of publication, journal volume, etc.

Below are some examples of citations for you to try in Citation Finder. You'll see that when you can provide more information, Citation Finder is better able to find the article you want if it's available in the Library.

  • journal: People; title: Best (and Worst!) 2005
  • journal: PC Magazine, author: Dinicolo
  • journal: PC Magazine, author: Dinicolo
    December 26 2005

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