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What is a scholarly journal?

Also referred to as peer reviewed or refereed, a scholarly journal features articles written by researchers or scholars in a particular subject or discipline supported by in depth research (qualitative or quantitative). Articles in many scholarly journals have been reviewed (refereed) and selected by other scholars (peers) in order to be published. An article in a scholarly journal is usually documented with footnotes and/or a bibliography.

Find Articles in Scholarly Journals

If you're looking for articles in scholarly journals, begin on the databases page.

Choosing a Subject Area

Browse through the list of databases by subject to find subjects that look appropriate for your topic. For example, if your topic focuses on music as an expression of culture, you might choose subjects such as Music and Sociology.

Note: If you want to find the best articles, it’s a good idea to choose more than one subject area.

Selecting a Database

After you have selected your subjects, read through the database descriptions in the subject list to see which ones are most appropriate and search those first.

Searching the Database

Most databases require that you search using only the key terms from your topic. Also, most databases require that you connect key terms using the word and.

Example: if your topic focuses on the effect of media violence on children, the key terms are media, violence, and children. So a simple database search using the keywords in the example above would look like this:

media and violence and children

Try a search using the key terms from your topic in the database you have selected.

Browse journals

Browse journals in our Electronic Journals portal.

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