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Most books have a 10-digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which is a unique identifier for a particular publication. The ISBN for a hardcover book will be different from that for the paperback of the same title. The first edition of a book will have a different ISBN from later editions. You can usually find the ISBN on the verso (back) of the title page.

Other Standard Numbers

Magazines and journals also have a standard number, the 8-digit ISSN. Items cataloged by OCLC have an OCLC number.


Where can you find ISBNs for books you don't have in hand? If the book is still in print, try Amazon. If it's out of print, try Abebooks.

Find Books Using Standard Numbers

Most books and journals have standard numbers such as an ISBN for a book or an ISSN for a journal. If you know the it, searching by standard number is often a quick way to find the specific book you need.

Example: a Title (Exact Phrase) search for the book Child Psychology finds 44 entries; a Standard No. search for the book's ISBN, 0070284695, finds the specific book: Child Psychology: A Contemporary Viewpoint.

Here are some other ISBNs you can use to try the Standard No. search:

  • 1559707690
  • 1590594916
  • 0881925713

Search by Standard No. (e.g. ISBN/ISSN)

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