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Begin with a Simple Keywords search

Find a book that is what you want, and use its subject headings to search for additional materials.


Use the LC Subject Heading search to find books about people (artists, musicians, politicians, etc.) and places (cities, states, countries, etc.)

Use cross references

Sometimes the Blais catalog will refer you to an appropriate Subject Heading. For example, if you try an LC Subject Heading search for women in management, you will be referred to the Subject Heading Women executives.

Find Books Using Subject Headings

Often the most effective way to search for books on a topic is to find the LC (Library of Congress) Subject Heading for that topic and search using that LC Subject Heading.

To find an appropriate LC Subject Heading for your topic, start with a Simple Keywords search.

Example: to look for information about presidential elections in the United States, view this keyword search: presidential elections united states.

In the individual records from this search, you will find many possible subject headings. Here are a few:

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