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What is Assessment?

Assessment means looking at a library's resources (inputs) and its programs/services (outputs) and measuring them against a defined goal (outcome), e.g., how a library user (usually understood as an undergraduate/graduate student or faculty member) is changed by this service.

We collect both quantitative and qualitative measures on our data points, primarily to measure the effectiveness of library educational services, which are assessed via the Educational Effectiveness Assessment Plan, implemented Fall 2013.

CCL Educational Effectiveness Assessment Plan

In Fall 2013, the library began measuring the effectiveness of its educational services (i.e., reference & research; instruction; embedded) through the outcomes and criteria in the Educational Effectiveness Assessment Plan.

Faculty & Student Surveys

To gauge student and faculty awareness of library educational services as well as their Information Literacy perceptions, the Educational Services Unit will administer biannual (every 2 years) surveys. Results and analysis are made available to the Claremont Colleges via a research guide.

This is the past and future survey schedule:

Start Your Research Tutorial

Members of Instruction Services and the Educational Services Assessment Librarian developed a Sakai quiz for our online Start Your Research tutorial. This report details the results of the pilot implementation.

Information Literacy Rubric Assessment Projects

In 2012, the library developed a Rubric to evaluate Information Literacy in Student Writing. In 2013, we expanded the rubric to encompass all 5 Information Literacy Habits of Mind as defined by the Library Information Literacy Steering Group.

Using the Information Literacy in Student Writing (ILSW) Rubric, Research, Teaching & Learning Services have undertaken numerous projects to authentically assess the information literacy skills of Claremont Colleges’ students. Because the projects are specific to individual Claremont Colleges, we cannot post the results. However, in all projects, we have found students to have trouble in two areas: evaluation and attribution. From the first-year to senior/capstone level, students have problems finding authoritative sources to use in their papers and citing those sources accurately and consistently.

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