General Information about Copyright

It is an infringement of copyright to electronically reproduce more than limited portions of items not yet in the public domain. Material placed on electronic reserve must fall within the bounds of fair use. This means you may only use a limited portion of a work-usually no more than about 15% or one chapter from a book. Entire books and journal issues currently under copyright protection will be placed on regular print reserve and not on electronic reserve.

We would make an exception if you have permission from the copyright holder of the material. We cannot secure permissions for you, and suggest you contact the course-packet coordinator at Huntley for advice and help with this. A sample letter for requesting permission is included in Copyright Guidelines for E-Reserves.

Government documents and material published before 1923 are generally in the public domain and may be reproduced in their entirety.

Fair Use

You are responsible for complying with current copyright law regarding fair use. If you are unsure of your obligations and rights under fair use, the University of Texas has an excellent web site that discusses fair use and reserve room operations. More extensive web sites are maintained by Stanford University and Indiana University. Another good primer on copyright is Copyright Essentials for Librarians and Educators by Kenneth Crews (Chicago: American Library Association, 2000) available in the Honnold Reference collection (KF 2995 C74 2000).

Notice of the copyright holder is a requirement for fair use of copyrighted material under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. To meet this requirement, if you submit a photocopy you may copy both the title page and the page displaying the copyright notice for a book or journal and include these with each copy to be scanned. Alternatively, you may fill out the Copyright Notice form and attach a copy to each photocopied reserve item. The Library cannot post materials lacking the copyright notice.

You will also need to sign the Copyright Guidelines for E-Reserves & Acknowledgement of Terms for each course having copyrighted materials on electronic reserve.

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