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What materials may be placed on reserve at the library?

Books, pamphlets, periodical articles, videos, CDs, government documents, and microforms, and personal copies are some of the types of materials that may be placed on reserve at the library for your class.

Materials on Reserve at the Library: Information for Faculty

Due to the limited space available for reserves, the Library cannot provide long-term storage of books or readings. Books and readings are removed from reserves and returned to the stacks or the professor at the end of each semester.

Submitting Items for Course Reserves

You may bring materials directly to the Services Desk. Please have the professor’s name and college, the course number and title, the semester, and the loan period (2-hour, 2-day or 7-day checkout).

If you wish us to pull library materials for you, you may use this form: Course Reserve Materials, or your own list provided it includes

  1. professor's name and college, the course number and title, the semester, and the loan period (2-hour, 2-day or 7-day checkout)
  2. author, title and call number of each item

Please be sure the list is legible and complete. We will not look up call numbers for you. Please leave at least one line between entries for legibility. If you wish, you may e-mail your list to Honnold/Mudd Reserves.

Personal copies: We will place personal copies of books and other materials on reserve if you ask us to do so. We may place a barcode and other identifying labels on a book; if you wish us not to, please inform the Reserves staff when you submit the item. Normally we return materials to the faculty by intercampus mail at the end of the semester. If you would prefer to pick up your materials, let us know and we will hold them for you. Because students may use these items quite heavily, we cannot guarantee their condition when they are returned to you.

Processing Time for Course Reserve Materials

Please plan your schedule for submitting course lists and materials according to the guidelines below. Although materials may be submitted any time the library is open, they are processed only Monday-Friday.

At the start of the semester (2 weeks before classes start until a month after) processing time will run at least 10-15 working days. If you need your readings on reserve the first week of school, and we must pull books or catalog photocopies, we strongly urge you to submit your course materials a month before classes start. If you have a large number of items, please indicate which ones will be needed first.

At other times

  1. If you provide all materials (including the Library's copies of books): Reserves staff will have the items ready for checkout in 2-3 working days.
  2. If Reserves staff retrieve all Library materials: Reserves staff will have the items ready as soon as possible. If books need to be recalled, this will likely add a week to the processing time; searches for missing materials may take much longer.
  3. If the Library must purchase materials: Be aware that book vendors often require a minimum of 8 weeks to process and deliver orders. While we can sometimes rush-order a book and have ready it in a couple of weeks, this is not always possible with academic press titles, and rarely possible if the book was published abroad. To avoid disappointment, we urge you to let us know well in advance if materials need to be purchased for your course.

Reserve Policy Statement (optional)

Often students come to check out reserves without their library cards or they misunderstand the policies governing renewal of reserve items. For these reasons, we have composed the following statement that we would like you to include in the syllabi of your courses that require use of reserve materials. Please feel free to insert this statement verbatim:

The Reserve Desk requires that you present your current student ID card at checkout. In addition, because of demand by other users, renewal of Reserve items is never automatic. For hourly reserve items we require that you physically present the item at the time you request renewal; 2-day or 7-day items may be renewed once by phone, with the understanding that renewal may be denied if other patrons have requested the item.

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