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Database details

You are leaving the Libraries ProQuest Congressional
  • Citations with abstracts to hearings, committee prints, reports, bill files, reports, witness testimony and more issued by Congress from 1769-present. Full-text is not available for every type of document. Click the i button for holdings information when in the database.
  • Claremont subscribes to: Full-Text Hearings 1824-2004; Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports 1916-present, committee prints from 1830-present; Serials Set, documents from 1789; and Statutes at Large, 1789-present. (1969-1994 in print)
  • Important features include searching by multiple fields, keyword, committee, witness, bill number, etc.
  • Provides links to U.S. Statutes, Congressional Record, Federal Register, and many other documents.

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