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  • Draw insights and comparisons between interest group scores, election returns, floor votes, demographics, plus.
  • Analyze, compare, and export data in maps, tables, line graphs, bar charts, and pie charts.
  • Browse by Biological Characteristics, Campaign Finances, Demographics, Economic Data, Elections, Floor Votes, Interest Group Scores, Presidential Performance, Supreme Court Cases, or Voting Scores.
  • Browse by Congress, the Presidency, or the Supreme Court.
  • Browse by Policy, including: Agriculture; Budget; Business and Economy; Culture; Defense and National Security; Education; Energy and the Environment; Foreign Policy and International Trade; Government Affairs and Elections; Health; Housing; Immigration; Labor and Employment; Law, Civil Rights and the Constitution; Science, Technology and Communication; Social Services and Disabilities; State, Local and Tribal Affairs; Transportation; and Veterans Affairs.
  • Browse by location.

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