The Claremont Center for Engagement with Primary Sources (CCEPS) is a center within the Claremont Colleges Library founded in the fall of 2013 and launched in spring 2014. CCEPS provides professional archival training to undergraduate and graduate students while also promoting our special collections and services as integral to the research, teaching, and learning mission of the Library and The Claremont Colleges.

CCEPS is modeled on the Center for Primary Research and Training (CFPRT), created so successfully by the UCLA Library. CCEPS expands upon the UCLA model by engaging faculty as teachers and mentors, by providing academic outlets for CCEPS fellows through peer teaching, interpretive projects, and outreach activities, and by developing a groundbreaking undergraduate research aspect to the program.

There are a number of collections-based projects that CCEPS can provide selected undergraduate and graduate students in their area of interest. CCEPS fellows might arrange and describe a collection; they might research and curate an exhibition in the library or on the web; they might design and implement a digital project utilizing our content management system. In CCEPS the fellows are encouraged to explore digital methodologies in their scholarship. CCEPS supports opportunities for the fellows to reflect on and discuss their experience with primary sources in a variety of ways, including presentations, blog entries, peer teaching, and other projects.

This directed, hands-on experience aims to make students more productive and confident researchers and inspire their future work; it aims to prepare undergraduates for graduate school, and help graduate students become more competitive in the applied humanities' job market.

Ultimately, CCEPS meets the need for advancing students' research skills in a meaningful and sustained way, and encourages use of both analog and digital archival sources as the basis of productive research in the humanities. CCEPS fellows are able to articulate and demonstrate the importance of primary source materials to their research from personal experience.

Follow our CCEPS student blog, Out of the Box to find out more about the CCEPS fellows' projects.

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