Nineteenth-Century Religious Pamphlets, the gift of William Clary, deal primarily with religious subjects current during the latter half of the nineteenth century in England. In the main, the categories of the approximately eight hundred, uncataloged pamphlets include some of the sermons and speeches of Henry P. Liddon; the “Occasional Papers” of the Eastern Church Association; the Speeches of William E. Gladstone; charges by Bishops of the Church of England; controversies, including one over the alleged heresy of Bishop Colenso; pamphlets by Richard Littledale; the Public Worship Regulation Bill; and Ritualism, an outgrowth of Tractarianism.

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"A Collection of Nineteenth Century Pamphlets," Honnold Library Record, Vol. I, No. 2, Autumn 1958.

"Nineteenth Century Religious Pamphlets," Honnold Library Record , Vol. III, No.1, Spring 1960.

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