The Asian Studies Collection is enriched by three rather rare items. One is a book on medical science, Su Wen Shih Yun Ch´i Lun Ao, in two volumes with a preface dated 1099 and reprinted during the Ming dynasty. The second is an incomplete set of Chinese classics, Ch´un Ch´iu Shu Tz´u, and Ch´un Ch´iu Shih Shuo, also a Ming edition. The third is a manuscript set of the “Four Classics” (Ssu shu t´u shuo) and amounts to nineteen stitched volumes bound in yellow silk covers and protected by four yellow silk covered cases. This handwritten copy is accompanied by illustrations drawn by hand and is the only copy in the United States and possibly the world. It was written by imperial order of the Ch´ing emperor Kuang-Hse´i toward the end of his reign (1904–06), and it took two years to produce two copies. One was submitted to the throne, and the other is here.

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