The Mavor Collection of Russian Economic History is a portion of the personal library of economic historian James Mavor (1854–1925) perhaps best known for his An Economic History of Russia. Acquired in 1927 by Pomona College, the library is primarily Mavor’s source material on Russian economic history. The original Russian materials are from the period 1875 to 1924, and offer a view of Russian economic development and economic and political thought from emancipation through Witte, the liberals, the Social Revolutionaries, to the Bolsheviks and Lenin. The collection includes journals, government publications, statistical compilations, monographs, and pamphlets and articles by the various revolutionary parties. The collection contains various works of literature by nineteenth century Russian authors, some in Russian and some in translation. There are also a number of works of literature by non-Russian authors in Russian translation. Among the manuscript materials are several early 20th century peasant rent books, seven scrapbooks with manuscript translations, mostly of selections from Archives of the Russian Revolution, manifestos, decrees, occasional correspondence, reports, two document cases of Mavor's translations of Russian publications, and the annotated and corrected proofs of the 1914 edition of Mavor's Economic History of Russia, with comments by J. Brime.

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