The Frederick McCormick Korean Collection was donated to the library in 1952 by McCormick's wife, Adelaide Gillis McCormick. McCormick was a journalist who spent time in China, Russia, and Korea, and developed a significant collection of books, journals, and newspapers, particularly related to Korea. The most significant part of McCormick's collection is a set of movable-type books printed in Korea that cover a range of topics, including literature, history, Chinese classics, as well as the humanities and sciences. Along with movable-type print, the collection also includes tea rubbings, three volumes of calligraphy, manuscripts, and woodblock printings, all of which date from the sixteenth to early twentieth centuries.

The collection was cataloged by Judith Magee Boltz in 1981. Boltz, along with her husband, William G. Boltz held appointments as professors of Chinese at the Pomona College Department of Modern Languages and Literature from September 1980 to June 1981. More details on McCormick's life and his collection, as well as an inventory of the Korean books can be found in the articles by Boltz, linked below.

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