The Tschebotarioff Papers first came to Special Collections in 1978. At that time, Gregory P. Tschebotarioff, professional civil engineer and professor of engineering at Princeton University, began the transfer of his non-engineering archives to the Claremont Colleges Library. Over a seven-year period, until his death in 1985, the collection grew from a few dozen books on pre-Revolutionary Russia and the Ukrainian and Cossack movements to a general repository of Tschebotarioff's working papers. The archive now contains the manuscripts and background files for his two books, Russia, My Native Land and Civil Engineering Experiences on Four Continents, along with voluminous correspondence related to his efforts to enlighten his fellow Americans about the Russian people and the realities of Russian history. Among his better-known correspondents are George F. Kennan (1904-2005), former ambassador to the USSR, and Nobel Prize winning Russian novelist and historian, Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008).

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