Educator and Congressman Horace Jeremiah Voorhis was born April 6, 1901 in Ottowa, Kansas and died September 11, 1984 in Claremont, California. Eight years before his death, he began transferring his voluminous files to Honnold Library. Regular transfers continued until his final illness. The major portion of the material dates from 1919 to 1984.

After graduating from Yale in 1923, Voorhis worked in a factory, a freight yard, and on an assembly line. He then began a teaching career which eventually brought him to Claremont in 1927 to found the Voorhis School for Boys. He served as headmaster and teacher at the school until its closure in 1938. From 1936 to 1946, Voorhis was the congressman from California’s 12th District. In Congress, he was appointed a member of the Dies Committee on un-American activities. Following his defeat by Richard Nixon in 1946, Voorhis turned his energy to the Cooperative League of America, serving as president and later as executive director.

The Voorhis Papers contain books and papers from his campaigns and his years in Congress—including his voting record as well as research material for his books, files related to his political, economic, and social interests, material about the Voorhis School for Boys, and Voorhis family history. There is a large body of information on cooperatives and extensive personal and business correspondence, much of it with prominent figures. Also included are supporting books and periodicals, phonograph records used in radio broadcasts, scrapbooks, photographs, articles and speeches by Voorhis, newspaper clippings and other artifacts. Continuing support for the Voorhis collection has come from former students of the Voorhis School for Boys, in contributions of documents and funds for preservation.

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