The Alfred O. Woodford Collection contains the most important historical items collected in the field of geology by the Geology Department at Pomona College.

The nucleus of this library is the personal collection of Alfred O. Woodford, head of the Geology Department from 1915 until his retirement in 1955. The collection has continued to develop through departmental purchases, devotedly guided by Donald B. McIntyre, department chair from 1955 to 1984, and more recently, through personal donations from Pomona College alumnus, H. Stanton Hill.

Rare and important items in the collection include many classic French, German, and British works of significance in the field of Geology. A copy of William Smith’s geological map of England and Wales (London, 1815) is here.

Of special interest are the preliminary edition of James Hutton’s Theory of the Earth (Edinburgh, 1788) and the two-volume 1795 edition. This important work marks the beginning of scientific geology. Among other notable holdings are Nicolaus Steno’s Prodromus (Florence, 1669), and John Woodward’s personal, extensively annotated copy of his An Essay Toward a Natural History of the Earth: and Terrestrial Bodies, Especially Minerals (London, 1695).

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