Special Collections contributes original digital projects and collections to the Claremont Colleges Digital Library. All of our digital collections are listed there with a brief description. The subjects range from Claremont Colleges and the City of Claremont to the Italian Renaissance, British and American theater, and water resources in the western United States, to name just a few. Notable digitized collections include the Wheeler Scrapbooks of early Pomona College and Claremont and the San Gabriel Mission Matrimonial Investigation Records. We welcome comments about our digital collections; each digital object page includes a Comment prompt. You may also request a copy of any digital image for your research by using the Aeon Request button on every image page.

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San Gabriel Mission Matrimonial Investigation Records

The matrimonial investigation records, or diligencias matrimoniales, are part of the McPherson Collection. The San Gabriel Mission Matrimonial Investigation Records are significant because they offer a unique insight into the pre-statehood activities of the Mission. Also, they establish many facts concerning the individuals married at the Mission and provide much genealogical detail for descendants.

Wheeler Scrapbook—Book One, Page 1.

Wheeler Scrapbook—Book One, Page 1 ( more information).

Wheeler Scrapbooks

The Wheeler Scrapbooks were a gift of Frank Wheeler, a real estate businessman, to The Claremont Colleges, and they chronicle life at Pomona College and in the city of Claremont from 1884 to 1938. All three scrapbooks have been digitized and are searchable by keyword. For more information, contact Special Collections at (909) 607-3977.


Online Exhibits

Interpretations of Shakespeare, or, What You Will

This digital exhibit is based on exhibits on display in Honnold/Mudd Library and Denison Library during Spring 2016 for The Claremont College's celebration of Shakespeare's legacy 400 years after his death. The exhibits were curated by three Pomona College students: Emma Fredgant (2017), an English major; Alana Friedman (2016), an English major; and Pieter Hoekstra (2017), a Religious Studies major. During Summer 2015, they were SURP/CCEPS Fellows in Pomona’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program and the Library’s Claremont Center for Engagement with Primary Sources. Mentored by Colleen Rosenfeld, Pomona English, and Lisa Crane and Gale Burrow, librarians in Claremont Colleges Library Special Collections, the students explored primary and secondary sources to discover their own approaches to Shakespeare in order to create exhibits commemorating Shakespeare’s legacy.

The portrait of Shakespeare at left was also created by these three Pomona College students. Using slices from different portraits of Shakespeare, it presents the possibility of multiple interpretations of the man--in keeping with the theme of the exhibits: “Interpretations of Shakespeare, or, What You Will.”

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Frederick McCormick Korean Collection

This digital exhibit is the result of a collaborative digitization project between Special Collections & Libraries of the Claremont Colleges Library and the National Library of Korea. To mark the completion of the project, this exhibit highlights some of the rare books that have been digitized for the National Library of Korea, providing access to these rich resources. The digital images in the Frederick McCormick Collection in the Claremont Colleges Digital Library are available thanks to Special Collections Library Student Assistants Isaac Harris (Pomona '18), Bethel Geletu (Pomona '19), and Jasmin Jimenez (CGU '17). Tanya Kato, Curatorial Associate for Special Collections, also contributed to the digitization of the collection. Jasmin Jimenez curated the content and design of this online exhibit.

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Science, Religion, and Everything in Between: Early Modern Science Texts

"It is not an exaggeration to claim that between 1626 and 1660, a philosophical revolution was accomplished in England" (Charles Webster in The Great Instauration). Before and after this period also served as a great influence to the development of European science. The world of science was seeing a move towards the empirical model: experiments were valued above theories, observations were recorded so fervently that massive histories were being produced, and the human body and its processes (especially mental) were more deeply investigated. Coinciding with further study was the push to make such knowledge more accessible to the public, specifically the reading but less educated public. Especially when certain authors saw the physical well-being of their patients was linked with their spiritual health.

What better way to tell the story of developing science in the 17th as well as 18th century than through books? Journey through the years, across pages of chemical dispensatories and treatises on bodily fluids along with bizarre illustrations serving as windows into the deep ocean as well as the alchemist's workshop.

This exhibit was curated by Lindsey Betts (Claremont McKenna College, 2016), a literature major, in collaboration with staff in Honnold/Mudd Special Collections. Lindsey completed this project as a Fellow in the Claremont Center for Engagement with Primary Sources (CCEPS) in Fall 2015.

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Navigating Culture: Islam and Encounter in the India Ocean World

Navigating Culture: Islam and Encounter in the India Ocean World reflects the movement of people, culture, and ideas between Africa and Asia via passage through the Indian Ocean, spanning the 7th to 19th centuries.

This exhibit is the result of a collaborative effort between the Claremont Colleges Library and Pomona College. The exhibit was curated by Pomona students Anisha Bhat (2015) and Anna Kramer (2016), along with Ayat Agah and Gale Burrow, from Special Collections. Dr. Arash Khazeni from the Pomona College History department was instrumental in this collaboration.

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Accent on Images

Image of the home page of Accent on Images. View the “Accent on Images” online exhibit.

Home page of Accent on Images (View exhibit: high res or low res).

Online version of the Clark Humanities Museum exhibit which was on view November 6th to December 2nd, 1998.

This exhibition showcases illustrated books in modern foreign languages from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries selected from the rich and varied special collections of the Libraries of The Claremont Colleges. All are part of the unique and rare materials available to The Claremont Colleges’ constituency and to the wider scholarly community.

California Croonin’

Online promotional site for the exhibit which was on view August 30 to October 29, 1999 at the Honnold/Mudd Library.

Curated by Holly Gardinier, Performing Arts Librarian, this exhibition showcased songs and sheet music about California. For more information, contact Special Collections, (909) 607-3977.

Celebrating the Wright Brothers’ First Flight: Treasures from the James Carruthers Memorial Aviation Collection

The Libraries of The Claremont Colleges are pleased to announce an Exhibition, “Celebrating the Wright Brothers’ First Flight: Treasures from the James Carruthers Memorial Aviation Collection.” The exhibit ran from November 1, 2003–January 30, 2004 in the Special Collections exhibit cases on the second floor of Honnold/Mudd Library.

Mao Fever

Online promotional site for the exhibit which was on view November 2nd, 1998 to May 16th, 1999 at the Honnold/Mudd Library.

This exhibit was curated by Professor Emily Chao, Pitzer College, and explored popular practice in post-Mao era China. “Mao Fever” featured materials from the Mao cult during the Cultural Revolution and Mao’s second apotheosis in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It included a collection of over 100 Mao buttons, taxi amulets, Mao pens, and other “Maorobilia”.

Original Voices From the Past: The Claremont Colleges’ Literary Magazines, 1888–2004

Over the years, students at The Claremont Colleges have created a wide variety of publications that were showcased in 2004 in the “Original Voices From the Past: The Claremont Colleges’ Literary Magazines, 1888–2004” exhibit. This online version of the exhibit provides images of covers and a few early examples from the Metate.


Online Library Publications

Honnold Library Record (Volume III, Issue 2, Summer 1960).

Honnold Library Record (Volume III, Issue 2, Summer 1960) (more information).

The Honnold Library Record

The Honnold Library Record was the publication of the Honnold Library Society, the friends of the library group, founded in 1954. With its content focused on the special and unique collections at the libraries of the colleges, the Honnold Library Record set a high standard for library publications in Claremont. Distinguished members of the Society, scholar-librarians, and other esteemed writers contributed pieces to the Record, published from 1958 until 1975. The Honnold Library Record is aptly named. During its publication run, it recorded the history of the libraries of The Claremont Colleges at a particular time, the collections, services, and events, and the influence of the libraries on the scholarly community in Claremont.