Special Collections materials are regularly part of various exhibits that are on display in either Honnold/Mudd Library or elsewhere on the campuses.



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Navigating Culture: Islam and Encounter in the Indian Ocean World

October 22nd - December 19th, 2014

Honnold/Mudd Library, 2nd Floor North Lobby

'Illuminated Beauty'

Navigating Culture is comprised of Claremont Colleges Library Special Collections materials reflecting the movement of people, culture, and ideas between the continents of Africa and Asia, through the Indian Ocean, and spanning the 7th - 19th centuries. Curated by Anisha Bhat (Pomona College '15), Anna Kramer (Pomona College '16), and Special Collections staff, Ayat Agah and Gale Burrow. This exhibit and corresponding events have been made possible in part by the Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations at Pomona College.

Navigating Culture will be on display October 22- December 19 in the Honnold/Mudd Library Special Collections Gallery (Honnold 2nd floor).

For more information about the exhibit, phone 909-607-3977 or email spcoll@cuc.claremont.edu



From Inner Asia to the Indian Ocean: A Festival Migrates

A guest lecture by Nile Green, Director of the Program on Central Asia, UCLA

Date: Thursday, October 23rd

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Founder's Room, Honnold/Mudd Library

In the festival of the Urs or 'spiritual wedding,' the death anniversaries of the Muslim saints are celebrated as a carnival of music, song and feasting. While the Urs is usually considered a uniquely Indian custom, this talk reveals it as a festival-on-the-move that migrated over the centuries from Inner Asia to India and the Indian Ocean. Gathering diverse new participants on its travels, the Urs allows us to connect the Islamic traditions of the Indian Ocean with those of inland Persia and Afghanistan.