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Image of the cover of the March 1926 issue of the Manuscript, click to view a close up of this image.

Cover of the March 1926 issue of the Manuscript (view close up)

The individual Claremont Colleges have published many different literary magazines over the years; some were the sole creations of student writers and artists and others sponsored by academic departments. Containing poetry, short stories, and essays, The Colleges’ literary magazines record not only the imagination of young writers over the past century, they testify to and preserve students’ creativity and ambition to publish and their belief that creative expression is central to human endeavor.

Image of the cover of the 1996–97 issue of the Spectator, click to view a close up of this image.

Cover of the 1996–97 issue of the Spectator (view close up)

Pomona College’s first literary society was founded in 1888, and since then, from Pomona’s Scribblers’ Society (1913) to the current staff of Amaranth and The Spectator, students’ passion for creative self-expression has not waned. In the early years, their college yearbooks offered students an outlet for their creative endeavors. Reading these publications is a journey into history that reveals the variety of voices, opinions, and attitudes of past generations of students; there is a strong and impressive sense of time and place preserved within the pages.

Forms have changed in over 100 years, from the traditional charm of The Manuscript, to type­written poetry ‘zines from the 1960s such as The Grain to current, digitally created magazines such as Passwords. Today’s student writers employ a host of technologies to both create and produce magazines that incorporate fiction, poetry, and prose as well as photography, collage, and other new media. Whatever new forms that literary magazines take in years to come, including those that live solely in cyberspace, there is little doubt that students will seek out new ways of creative expression to which future students will respond.

The following pages provide both a list of some of the titles as well as images of some of the covers and early examples of the various literary magazines produced by Claremont Colleges’ students.