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Click here to go to LizardTech's website and download the DjVu browser plug-in.Help with close-ups and DjVu

The close-up views of the contents of the Wheeler Scrapbook were created using Lizard Tech's DjVu software. To view the close-ups, it is necessary to download and install the DjVu browser plug-in appropriate for your operating system. You can get the plug in at Lizard Tech's website here: http://www.lizardtech.com/download. To use the plug-in, you will need to download and install it on any computer on which you wish to view the close-ups. Lizard Tech's website contains instructions on downloading and installing the browser plug-in.

A few things to be aware of when viewing DjVu files:

The DjVu browser plug-in will provide a toolbar with a variety of buttons specific to DjVu.

The Hand Tool (Pan Mode): This is the default setting and can be used to click-and-drag to move the image around when it is larger than the window.

Zooming: One of the best features of DjVu is its ability to zoom in and out. Use either the drop down list or the magnifying glass to zoom in and out. The drop down box can zoom to levels other than the presets, to do so, highlight the contents of the drop down box, type in the desired zoom level (5-1200%) and press the "enter" or "return" key.

Display Options: These buttons are most useful when viewing items that are primarily text (newspaper clippings and booklets). These buttons will allow you to "turn off" the background and view only the text - making it (theotrically) easier to view and print some of the text based items in the Wheeler Scrapbook. Note that items that are graphical in nature are saved differently and these buttons will not be of use.

Printing: To print a DjVu image you must use the DjVu print button. The browser's print control's do not recognize the DjVu image and will not print it. When printing from DjVu, you are given three printing options: "Reduce to Fit" will shrink the entire image to fit on the page, "Orig. Size" will print the item at its original size, and "Current Zoom" will print the item at the scale at which you are currently viewing the item.

Page forward and back: For items that are multiple pages, you can move forward and backwards using the single left/right arrows on the DjVu toolbar.

Additional Help
To get help with DjVu, right click on any DjVu image and chose "help." This will take you to Lizard Tech's help files, which provide detailed information regarding the use of the DjVu browser plut-in.

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Created on: 02/05/2003 | Last modified: 03/06/2003