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To Request an RA Card

  • In-person: Honnold/Mudd Services Desk

  • Email: Pamela Martin
  • Mailing address: Circulation Services, Honnold/Mudd Library, 800 Dartmouth Ave. Claremont, CA 91711

Questions about access or borrowing?

Contact the Manager of User Services or call the Honnold/Mudd Services Desk at (909) 621-8150.

Research Assistant (RA) Accounts

The Library offers current full-time and adjunct faculty and staff of The Claremont Colleges and the Claremont School of Theology the opportunity to open a separate library account for the purpose of allowing their research assistant(s) to perform library transactions in their name. When requested by the faculty or staff member, an RA account will be created in the faculty/staff name, which can be accessed by the RA card. We reserve the right to expire accounts that are not used for long periods of time. Library policy prohibits giving an RA card to family or friends for their personal use.

Applying for a Card

Requests to open an RA account or to get an additional or replacement RA card must be made to Honnold/Mudd Circulation Services (in-person, via email, or on signed college-letterhead stationery). Each RA card is issued to one person (faculty/staff) rather than to a department or group.

The request may indicate that a specific designee will pick-up the card. That designee must show photo ID in order to pick-up the card. The account is in the faculty/staff name only. The library keeps no record of those persons authorized as Research Assistants.

There is no charge for the RA card.

Contact Information to Request an RA Card

In-person: Honnold/Mudd Services Desk
Mailing address: Circulation Services, Honnold/Mudd Library, 800 Dartmouth Ave. Claremont, CA 91711


When a faculty or staff member has requested and received an RA card and account, that person is fully responsible for the card and for all activity on the account. Renewal of items must be requested as for all other accounts. Library charges accrue as on all other accounts. If either account, personal or RA, becomes blocked, the result is that both accounts will be blocked.


Research Assistant account privileges are identical to those of the faculty/staff’s personal account. However, if the personal account is open-ended, an expiration date for the RA account may be requested.


Faculty/staff having an RA account are encouraged to regularly monitor the activity on this account. From the library homepage, choose View Account/Renew Your Books. When prompted, enter faculty/staff name and RA card ID number. The ID number is printed on the RA card and is also available from Honnold/Mudd Circulation Services. Information about the activity on the account may also be requested from Honnold/Mudd Circulation Services.

Library Notices

Notices concerning RA account activity are sent to the faculty/staff whose name is on the account in the same manner as for his/her personal account (email, campus mail, U. S. mail). If notices are sent by email, in addition to that of the faculty or staff person, it is possible to send to a second email address.

Exchange Between Personal and RA Accounts

It is preferable that recalled books are retrieved by presentation of the card for the same account on which the book was recalled. The faculty or staff member, however, when presenting the personal ID card, may be given requested books from either account, personal or RA. Books recalled on the personal account may be picked up by a person presenting the RA card and some additional indication (such as the pick-up notice) indicating that the account owner has requested this.

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