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Student Study Carrels

Carrels at Honnold/Mudd Library

Study carrels located throughout Honnold/Mudd Library may be reserved by students. They are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis for a semester. To reserve a carrel, find one you like, be sure it can be reserved, and record the carrel number. Bring the number to the Services Desk in Honnold/Mudd, where you can complete the carrel reservation process.

When checking out books you plan to leave at your carrel, be sure to tell staff at the Services Desk it is for your carrel so that they will not desensitize it when they check it out to you. This may prevent someone else from carrying an item out of the library that is checked out to you. You will be given a carrel flag for each book you check out to your carrel. That flag should be placed in the book to let Library staff know the book is checked out. Otherwise they will return it to the stacks when they check carrels for books "on search."

Please remember that an item on your carrel that is not checked out is lost to the library.

Graduate study carrels at Honnold/Mudd Library

Honnold/Mudd Library reserves graduate study carrels for graduate students working on extended research projects (Doctoral dissertations, Master's theses, or other long-term papers) in an effort to provide them with a quiet, semi-private area where they can study as well as safely keep their books and research materials.


Assignment Term
Because of the high demand for graduate study carrels and their purpose as an aid to students doing extended projects, all carrel assignments are reviewed at the end of each semester. Master's Degree students are limited to an assignment length of two semesters (not including the summer term). Ph.D. students are limited to an assignment length of four semesters (not including summer terms). At the expiration of a carrel assignment a student may sign up for a future carrel assignment.
The Library assumes that each graduate study carrel is being used on a regular basis and that we can therefore communicate with the graduate student through placing notices on the carrel. It is the responsibility of the student to respond in a timely manner to all such communications.
Personal property
Students may bring personal supplies and equipment like typewriters or personal computers and research materials to their carrels, but the library is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage or loss to any property left in a graduate study.
Policies regarding food, beverages, and smoking in graduate study carrels are the same as those that apply to the library in general. Students should be aware of those policies and follow them.
Door access codes
The access code to your graduate study can be obtained from the Honnold/Mudd Services Desk. Access codes to the graduate study are to be kept confidential! The code should not be shared with any other persons without express authorization by Library staff.
Loss of carrel privilege
Graduate students are expected to adhere to all library and carrel policies, especially the periodical and book check-out policies. Disregard for policies, including providing access to the study for persons who are not authorized, may result in loss of the carrel privilege.

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