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Going out of town?

If you plan to be out of town for more than 3 days, please have someone check your mail for recall notices on books you have checked out.

Questions about access or borrowing?

Contact the Manager of User Services or call the Honnold/Mudd Services Desk at (909) 621-8150.

Recalling Library Materials

Students, staff, and faculty of The Claremont Colleges may recall a book from any borrower. Affiliate faculty, staff and students (Claremont School of Theology and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens) may also place recalls. Please remember that ALL patron records are confidential. Names of borrowers or requesters may not be given out to others.

Placing a recall
Once you have confirmed that the book you need is checked out, you may choose to recall the book yourself from the Blais record, or you may contact the Honnold/Mudd Services Desk in person or by telephone (ext. 18150) to request a recall. A recalled book is given an adjusted due date of 10 days from the day it was recalled. A book may have more than one recall on it. The library system honors the priority of the requests according to date and time. A book recalled to be processed for RESERVE, however, will cancel individual recalls. Requesters will be notified if this occurs. (All borrowers are guaranteed a two-week minimum loan period before a book is given an adjusted due date.) If you indicate that an emergency situation exists and you need the book before the adjusted due date, staff will attempt to arrange an earlier return. Please note that the borrower is obligated to honor the adjusted due date but not a request for an earlier return.

Recall notices
A recall notice is sent to the borrower by the next weekday after the recall is made, alerting the borrower to the new due date. If a borrower does not respond to the recall notice, an overdue notice is sent. Fines for overdue recalled books accrue at $1.00 per day. The book is billed on the 9th day overdue. Borrowing privileges are suspended when a recalled book is overdue.

When a recalled book is returned, a notice is sent to the person who recalled it. The library will hold the book for one week after it is returned. If you do not pick up the book by the end of one week, it will be returned to the stacks or held for the next person who requested it. Please alert the library as soon as possible if you no longer need a book that you recalled.

If a book is recalled from you that you still wish to use, inform the staff at the time you return the book and your name will be added to the HOLD queue in the system.

Placing a hold on a reserve book
Please note that Reserve books may not be recalled. At your request, however, we will place a hold on a 2-day or 7-day Reserve book, which is currently checked out, to prevent the book from being renewed, and to alert us to hold the book for you at the Services Desk for 24 hours.

Items recalled from you
If you plan to be out of town for more than 3 days, please have someone check your mail for recall notices on books you have checked out.

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