Collection Development Policy for Anthropology

Objectives: To support teaching and research in the field of anthropology at The Claremont Colleges. Courses are offered which deal with the peoples of North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. A B.A. in Anthropology is available at Pomona Colleges, Pitzer College, and to Scripps students through courses at Pomona or Pitzer. Religion, language, culture, ecological relations, modern urban and political anthropology, primates, biological aspects, and archaeology are represented in the curriculum. For proper support of the anthropology program all branches of the subject should be represented in the collection.

Subjects and collecting levels: In general, the collection will be maintained at the instructional support level, the level needed to support undergraduate instruction effectively. It will include a wide range of basic works including collections of important authors, and classics in the field, foreign as well as United States publications. In addition to monographs and journals, it will include reference materials such as specialized encyclopedias, handbooks, yearbooks, subject indexes, and bibliographies. Major new works of ethnography will be acquired whenever possible.

Types of materials collected: Printed, microform, and electronic materials are collected. Videotapes are collected when requested by faculty to support instruction. Generally excluded are motion pictures, photographs, and sound recordings, although specific items may occasionally be acquired for instructional purposes.

Languages: English language materials predominate, although no language is specifically excluded. Publications in other languages, especially Spanish, French, and German may need to be acquired when the desired material is not available in English.

Geographical emphasis: No geographical area is excluded. Emphasis is placed on North America.

Chronological limits: There are no chronological limits.

Additional remarks: Basic journals are of special importance in the field of anthropology, and important new journals should be acquired as funds allow.

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