Collection Development Policy for Art & Art History

Objectives: The collection is designed to support the teaching and research needs of the Claremont Colleges in the fields of studio art, art history, photography, and museology, including materials necessary for related areas in the fields of media studies, classics, anthropology, and archaeology.

The programs in art at the Colleges are the following:

B.A. A studio art major is required to do a senior project. An art history major requires a research thesis in the senior year. All art majors at Scripps and Pomona are expected to write a senior thesis; Pitzer seniors may be invited by an advisor to write a senior thesis.

M.F.A. The M.F.A. degree in Art at the Claremont Graduate University is a specialized degree denoting achievement in one or more fields of studio art, requiring a minimum of 20 units of art history (8 units in critical theory) and non-studio course work and a written report to accompany the master's project.

Subjects and collecting levels: The majority of the collection is in the field of art history and criticism because many students who are not art majors avail themselves of the lower division art courses, and because students in other majors such as classics also rely on materials in art history. A minimal number of instructional and technical titles in art are collected, unless recommended by faculty and/or requested by students. Because the undergraduate departments aim at producing students eligible for graduate research programs as well as teacher training program, the collection should be developed to support teaching and research through the Master's level.

Interdisciplinary interest in art history and art criticism is growing at the Colleges. Media studies, gender and women's studies, ethnic and race studies, sexuality studies, environmental studies are just a few of the programs that rely on the art collections.

Books and journals are collected by both Denison and Honnold/Mudd and are located in a particular building based on the following subject criteria. Denison Library collects artist's books and fine printing; American and non-European art in all periods; and modern and contemporary art from all geographic areas. Honnold/Mudd collects photography and European art in all periods through the nineteenth century. Duplication of titles between Denison and Honnold/Mudd is avoided, except in the case of books needed for a particular class, books needed for reserve, faculty request, and the most basic works of scholarship. Special care is taken with the acquisition of expensive monographs (over $150) to see that these are not duplicated. The collection aims for the breadth of coverage rather than multiple copies of a title.

Types of materials collected: Monographs and serials are collected. Printed, microform, and electronic materials are collected. Videotapes, DVDs, CD ROMs, and other types of multimedia are collected when requested by faculty to support instruction. Generally excluded are motion pictures and sound recordings, although specific items may occasionally be acquired for instructional purposes. Slides, artifacts, and memorabilia are not collected.

Slides: The Scripps College and Pomona College art departments maintain slide collections for the teaching of art and art history on these respective campuses. Students may use these collections with permission.

Languages: Major emphasis is on English language materials, although no language is specifically excluded. Publications in other languages may need to be acquired when the desired material is not available in English. Because of the emphasis on Asian art, titles in Asian languages may be acquired.

Geographical emphasis: No restrictions are placed upon geographical areas if the subject matter is related to a course offered at the Colleges.

Chronological limits: None. All periods of art history are covered.

Funding: There are CUC funds to cover acquisition of art and art history books for Denison (91DE, with permission of the Denison Librarian, and 92DE for approvals) and for Honnold/Mudd (91AR, firm orders; 92AR approvals). There is an endowed fund at Pomona, the Westergard Art book fund (PB03) with which to order books for Honnold/Mudd. Book funds are used for media materials as there is no fund for multimedia at this time. Art journals housed at Denison are paid with Denison funds (93DE), and journals housed at Honnold/Mudd are paid on 93AR.

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