Collection Development Policy for Asian Studies

Objectives: The collection is designed to support the teaching and research needs of the undergraduate programs in Asian Studies and also to help the students, faculty and staff of the Claremont Colleges regarding Asian countries, particularly China, Japan, and Korea.

Programs: Asian studies courses offered at the Claremont Colleges include language courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean; literature, anthropology, art, economics, government, international relations, history, religion, philosophy, sociology, and theater.

Subjects and collecting levels: The ideal goal would be to collect material at the instructional support level, which is adequate to support undergraduate instruction. It is a level where the collection includes a wide range of basic monographs, a selection of representative journals, and fundamental reference works.

Types of materials collected: Monographs and serials in print and microform are collected.

Languages: Publications in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages are collected.

Geographical emphasis: Most of the English language works are purchased through the American vendor. Chinese language materials are ordered from vendors in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Japanese language materials are purchased through vendors in Japan. Some Chinese, Japanese, and Korean periodicals are subscribed through EBSCO.

Chronological limits: Emphasis is on contemporary materials.

Last updated: 7/28/2011 5:11:36 PM