Collection Development Policy for Black Studies

Objective: The collection supports teaching and research for black studies at The Claremont Colleges. Because the curriculum in black studies is interdisciplinary and includes courses in both the humanities and the social sciences, the collection development policies for the following fields of study should also be consulted: art, history, psychology, sociology, literature, anthropology, women studies, government/politics.

Programs offered: The Bachelor of Arts degree in black studies is offered at Pitzer, Scripps and Pomona Colleges. A senior project, thesis or comprehensive examination is required.

Subjects and collecting levels: In general, the collection will be maintained at the level needed to support undergraduate instruction effectively, however, a selection of materials appropriate for advanced research should be included as well. The main focus is on scholarly works examining the socioeconomic, political, historical, psychological and cultural experience of blacks throughout the Diaspora. Where appropriate, the collection responds to new and emerging areas of scholarly inquiry.

Type and format of material collected: Emphasis is on scholarly monographs and journals. A limited number of popular, general interest books and periodicals may also be included when funds permit. Reference works such as encyclopedias, bibliographies, dictionaries, indexes, chronologies, and others are also acquired. Electronic resources, such as bibliographic databases and electronic journals are important and are considered when available. Selected publications from research centers and private or quasi-government entities are also acquired when appropriate. Microform materials and videocassettes or DVDs for instructional use may be acquired, though on a limited basis, when appropriate and where funds permit. Textbooks, sound recordings, and dissertations are generally excluded.

Languages: Materials are acquired primarily in the English language, although major works in other languages are also considered.

Geographical emphasis: No area is specifically excluded, but the collection strongly emphasizes Africa, the United States and the Caribbean.

Chronological limits: None.

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