Collection Development Policy for Criminal Justice

Objectives: To support and complement undergraduate programs in Sociology, Government and History at The Claremont Colleges and to support and complement both student and faculty research activities at The Claremont Colleges.

Subjects and collecting levels: Criminal Justice is regarded as an interdisciplinary program, encompassing the study of crime and criminality as a social, psychological, political and historical phenomenon. Collection concentrates on general criminology, causes of crime, criminal classes, victims of crime (victimology), social work with delinquents and criminals, prevention of crime, gun control, penology (prisons, corrections), juvenile offenders, and reformation and reclamation of adult prisoners.

Reference materials, monographs and periodicals are collected at the instructional support level to support the undergraduate curriculum and provide background and context for courses offered in other disciplines. The collection is also expected to support faculty research requirements by responding to specific faculty demands for research materials.

Types of materials collected: The collection is generally printed materials and printed journals, although increasingly electronic journals and electronic indexes are selected, when available. Microform materials are not excluded but electronic access is preferred. Audiovisual materials (primarily video cassettes) that support classroom instruction will be considered, as funds permit.

Materials excluded: Items dealing with police science, "how-to" type manuals, criminal justice administration, investigation of crimes, traffic control and private detectives are excluded.

Languages: English language materials predominate, although materials in other languages may occasionally be acquired to fill a specific need.

Geographical emphasis: Emphasis is on the United States in particular although other parts of the world are also considered.

Chronological limits: There are no chronological limits although the focus of the collection is on recent literature.

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