Collection Development Policy for Dance

Objectives: To support the teaching and research programs of the Dance departments at Scripps College and Pomona College. These programs are:

Subjects and collecting levels: Materials will be purchased at the teaching level, the level needed to support undergraduate instruction and research. Collection strengths include dance theory, technique, and history, dance in world cultures, and movement. In addition to monographs, videos, and journals, the collection will include reference materials, such as specialized encyclopedias, handbooks, subject indexes, and bibliographies.

Types of materials collected: Print and electronic materials in the form of monographs, serials, and indexes will be collected, as well as microforms. Videos are collected when requested by faculty to support instruction.

Languages: Major emphasis is on English language materials, although no language is specifically excluded. Publications in other languages, especially French, German, and Spanish, may need to be acquired when the desired material is not available in English.

Geographical emphasis: Major emphasis is placed on United States and Western Europe. Specialized emphasis is placed on Asian, African, and Hispanic dance. No geographical area is excluded.

Last updated: 7/28/2011 5:11:36 PM