Collection Development Policy for Economics

Objectives: The collection is designed to support the teaching and research needs of the undergraduate level through the Ph.D. level. Programs offered:

B.A. The undergraduate B.A. in Economics is offered at Claremont McKenna College, Pitzer College, Pomona College and Scripps College. In addition, Harvey Mudd College offers several courses in Economics.

M.A. The M.A. degree in Economics, which may require the completion of a thesis, may be a terminal degree or an interim degree received before advancement to candidacy for the Ph.D. program. In addition, the Master of Arts in Politics, Economics and Business degree is offered, as well as the Master of Arts in International Political Economy.

Ph.D. The Ph.D. degree is offered with concentrations in Business and Financial Economics; International Economic Policy and Development; and Political Economy and Public Choice. In addition, the Department of Politics and Policy and the Department of Economics offer an interfield doctoral degree. Candidates must pass qualifying seminars, pass written and oral qualifying examinations, complete a satisfactory dissertation and defend it in an oral examination.

Subjects and collecting levels: The collection should be developed at the comprehensive level in the following areas to support the doctoral program: Business and Financial Economics, International Economic Policy and Development, Political Economy and Public Choice. The collection should be developed at the instructional support level in these additional areas to support the undergraduate programs: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, History of Economic Thought, Financial Economics, Statistics, International and Developmental Economics, Urban Economics, Public Sector Economics, Managerial Economics, Mathematical Economics, Econometrics.

Interdisciplinary implications: other fields that impact collection development in this area are Management, Government, Law, Mathematics.

Types of materials collected: Monographs and serials are collected. Printed, microform, and electronic materials are collected. Videotapes are collected when requested by faculty to support instruction. Generally excluded are motion pictures and sound recordings, although specific items may occasionally be acquired for instructional purposes.

Languages: Major emphasis is on English language materials, although no language is specifically excluded. Publications in other languages may need to be acquired when the desired material is not available in English.

Geographical emphasis: No geographical area is excluded.

Chronological limits: Emphasis is on contemporary materials, though some historical material may also be collected.

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