Collection Development Policy for Education

Objective: To support teaching and research for the graduate programs in the field of education at the Claremont Graduate University. Programs available:

M.A.: A Master of Arts in Education is offered, as well as graduate programs leading to selected public school credentials in both teaching and administration. Programs offering professional credit units are designed for teachers, supervisors, and others employed in public and private education. These credits serve as a basis for salary increments and district recognition.

Ph.D.: Programs for students studying for the doctorate are individually designed. Interdisciplinary degree programs are also offered. Study at the doctoral level emphasizes higher education, curriculum and teaching, reading and language development, the teaching/learning process, cross-cultural studies, family studies, growth and development, comparative and intercultural studies, philosophy and history of education, organization and administration, policy research, and evaluation and qualitative analysis. A joint Ph.D. program emphasizing problems in educating a multicultural society is offered with San Diego State University.

Subjects and collecting levels: Subjects collected at the comprehensive level are: administration, elementary education, secondary education, higher education, child development, adolescent development, adult development, the philosophy of education, history of education, comparative education, anthropology of education, the study of teaching, teacher education, educational measurement, statistics, curriculum and instruction, educational psychology, and educational sociology. In any area not actually taught at the present time, it is important that a selection of the most important representative works be obtained in order to maintain the balanced collection that is necessary for reference and research.

Types of material collected: Both print and electronic materials are collected. The library has an extensive collection of microfiche from the Educational Resources Information Center in the government documents collection. It also provides full-text electronic access to many ERIC documents from 1996 forward.

Materials excluded: The library does not collect audio-visual material, textbooks, juvenile books, or classroom aids.

Languages: English language materials predominate. Publications in other languages are occasionally acquired to fill a specific need.

Geographical emphasis: Although the emphasis is on education in the United States, comparative education studies necessitate the acquisition of material concerning many parts of the world.

Chronological emphasis: Emphasis is on the post World War II period, and current material is of first importance.

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