Collection Development Policy for Law

Objectives: To support interdisciplinary teaching and research in the fields of Government, Law, Public Policy, and Politics from the undergraduate to the Ph.D. level. Degrees are not offered in Law but there are pre-law students at the undergraduate colleges.

Subjects and collecting levels: The Law Collection is a general reference collection, composed primarily of Statutory Law in chronological and codified forms for California and the U.S. case law from California and the Federal Circuit and Appeals Courts is collected. The Decennial Digest is collected as well as some essential law encyclopedias. This collection is historical and many series are complete from the first publication to the current. Administrative law for California and the U.S. are collected through the California State and United States Federal depository library programs. There are standing orders that insure the collection of these titles.

The Interdisciplinary nature of this subject is really manifested in the purchase of materials that support the study of law and other subjects, such as Law and Human Rights, Law and Intellectual Property, Constitutional Law, Discrimination Law, International Law, and other permutations.

Interdisciplinary implications: Areas that have interdisciplinary implications are: Ethnic and Gender Studies, International Relations Law and Psychology, Business Law, Employment Law, and International Politics and Law.

Types of material collected: Monographs, serials, and electronic bibliographic and full-text, databases are collected. Emphasis is given to materials in electronic formats whenever possible to support off-campus access to resources.

Languages: Major emphasis is on English language materials.

Geographical emphasis: Emphasis is on California, the United States and the United Kingdom. There is also a minor International focus via the United Nations and other International Organizations.

Chronological limits: Only contemporary materials are currently collected, although extensive historical material is in the collection.

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