Collection Development Policy for Music

Objectives: To support the teaching and research programs of the music departments of the Claremont Colleges. These programs include:

Subjects and collecting levels: Every attempt is made for broad coverage within the scope of the music programs offered by the Colleges. The collection should be developed to the comprehensive level designed to serve the needs of undergraduate majors, master's and doctoral students, faculty, and general users. Material on music history, theory, biography, philosophy, composition, and performance is collected. General music reference works, facsimiles, and bibliographies are also acquired.

The Honnold/Mudd Library collection concentrates on music research materials. Students and faculty have access to performing editions, ensemble music, and listening resources at the two music departmental libraries maintained at Scripps and Pomona Colleges.

Types of materials collected: The library's collection consists primarily of books, music scores, and periodicals. Scores are collected, in their original instrumentation. For the most part, arrangements, except for piano/vocal scores, are not collected. Sound recordings and video materials are collected when requested by faculty to support instruction.

Languages: Major emphasis is on English language materials. However, given the international scope of music, music scores are collected in composers' original language settings with an attempt to include versions with English translations. Acquisitions in the Asian languages are the responsibility of the Asian Studies Librarians.

Geographical emphasis: The major emphasis is on Europe and the United States. No geographical area is excluded.

Chronological limits: All time periods are covered.

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